Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Would W. Ever Do This?

The floods ravaging Germany recently has forced the German government to postpone proposed tax cuts that were to have taken place in early 2003. They will now take place in 2004. According to the BBC, the move will free up money needed to help cleanup the mess made by the rising waters. Tax cuts have been the central peice of George W. Bush's econominc policy. At times it seems to be the only piece that can be used at all times and all places. I would disagree with many on the left who think that tax cuts are inherently immoral. They can spur growth in the ecomomy and better society as a whole. However, they are not the persecription to every problem that a society faces. The Social Democrats in Germany saw that they needed to amend their fiscal policy to meet an urgent need. Socialists usually are derided as being too doctrinare and yet the Social Democrats have responded with sound pragmatism. Here in the US, however, we have conservatives who are shedding their pragmatism in favor of rigid ideology. Ronald Reagan pushed his 1981 tax cut and allowed for a tax hike five years later. George Bush Senior suppported a tax hike in 1990 that many credit helped the US economy. It seems that W. is too beholden to his ideology to do something that is so needed right now: to govern.


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