Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Lottitis Strikes Again: When Trent Lott pined for Dixie last December, he was denounced by his own and sent packing from the Senate leadership. Now comes Rick Santorum, who equated consenual gay sex with incest. Andrew Sullivan has a great article about what is going on in Mr. Santorum's mind. It does send a chill down my spine. I agree with many in saying Santorum needs to step down from his post as chair of the Policy Committee.

The sad thing is that in 2003 it is still acceptable to slander gays. I doubt the GOP will do anything since it would cost votes with the Radical Right which is against homosexuality. It was easy to denounce Lott because no one supports bigotry anymore, at least not openly. But there are many like Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council that do support bigotry against gays and hold sway over the Party. So, I sadly think Santorum will keep his job for now.


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