Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Who is Fiscally Responsible?: Today's Washington Post editorial shows something that should make one wonder what has happened to the GOP. The Republicans have long charged that Democrats need to show fiscal disciplne, and of course that is very true. Governments can't do their job if they are running massive deficits. Indeed, former governor of New York and two-presidential candidtate Thomas Dewey once critiqued the New Deal Democrats for massive spending without any fiscal restraint. He said:

"It is our solemn responsibility to show that government can have both a head and a heart; that it can be both progressive and solvent; and that it can serve the people without becoming their master."

But of course that was when the GOP had both a head and a heart. The party is no longer progressive; it openly tries to block gays from getting married, it opposes affirmative action, it is rolling back any type of environmental protection even one that is market-based. It also no longer solvent. When President Bush took office, the government was running a surplus. Now we are in debt and there seems to be no concern.

This fiscally irresponsibility and the attempt to peek into the private lives of adults show that this party is no longer conservative; it is in reality a nationalist party that only serves a priviledged few and punishes those who don't fit their ways of living. It's time for those who care about the heritage of this party to take it back.


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