Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Honey or Vineagar:If you want to know why the anti-war movement failed in its efforts to stop the war in Iraq, you might want to read this piece in Reason. I think the article not only speaks to the Iraq problem, but also to why the Dems are losing the public relations war. I think the Left has a better argument in some cases concerning our national situation. Millions of Americans are without health insurance or perscription drugs. We are in the middle of a jobless recovery. I think people have more on their minds than Iraq. However, I fear that the Left has spent too much time focusing on "Bush-hatred" than it has on making a clear argument as to why they believe they can do a better job at solving societal ills than right-wing Republicans. The message is there, but they think that the general public should know what is going on. What the Dems should be doing is crafting a hopeful vision and ignore Bush, except to say that his vision is found lacking.

What it comes down to is marketing. The radical Republicans know how to present their agenda to the nation. The Democrats refuse to advertise thinking that is beneath them. Well, maybe. But you have to ask, how bad to do want to win? Is this message so badly needed that you will take to the farthest hills and valleys? You can have the greatest program in the world, but it is worth zilch if you don't let people know about it.


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