Thursday, June 23, 2005

Support Fair-Minded Redistricting

Charging RINO reports that Tennesee Republican Zach Wamp has signed on to bill introduced by fellow Tennessean, John Tanner, a Democrat. The bill, called the Fairness and Independence in Redistricting Act. Under the bill, states would form bipartisan and independent commission to reapportion congressional districts every 10 years. As it stands now, redistricting is a purely partisan affair. Witness what Tom Delay did in Texas last year only two years after the state did redistricting.

If you want to know why there are so few centrists in Congress these days, you only have to look at how we apportion those districts. As someone once said, it used to be that the voters chose the representatives. Today, it's the representatives who chose the voters. The election of extremists on both sides have led to a Congress that is ineffectual and doesn't work for the good of the nation. Districts that were more balanced would mean electing representatives that have to work for all the people and not simply the far right or far left. The money quote comes from former House member and presidential candidate, John Anderson:

“It's just wrong to allow politicians to help their friends and hurt their enemies in what should be a public interest process. Seeking redistricting reforms in states can be valuable but too often is motivated by partisan calculations. We need national standards for elections that affect all of us.”

Adds Congressman Tanner:

“We must return to a fair electoral system that gives a voice back to the people.”

Amen. Please contact your congressperson and ask that they support this bill, especially if you live in a district represented by a moderate Republican. Let's get the House back to workiog for the people and not the parties.


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