Monday, July 25, 2005

What if they were Pro-Life Extremists?

Columnist Deb Saunders Has an excellent column on what I've been talking about recently concerning terrorism. Here's a taste:

Imagine, as I've written before, if anti-abortion terrorists began killing innocent civilians and said they would stop only if the government outlaws abortion. (After all, if terrorism wins for Islamic extremists, why shouldn't U.S. extremists adopt it?) The Left would not fault pro-abortion policies. The Left would not blame the government for legalizing abortion. The Left -- correctly -- would denounce the terrorists, the violence and any attempt to extort policy by threatening innocent lives.

I would add that if there were a spate of bombings of black churches by the Klan, I doubt that the Left would be making excuses for them.

I don't think all liberals of leftists think this way. But it would be nice if we saw the terrorists in the same light.


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