Monday, August 01, 2005

The Bolton Appointment

I'm sitting here waiting for my flight back to Minneapolis from Tampa, and decided to write a post or two of some of recent goings on in politics.

Charging RINO reports that President Bush appointed John Bolton to the UN Ambassadorial post this morning as a recess appointment.

Now, the president has the authority to do that and can do it if he wants. But I think John Bolton was a horrible pick. Charging RINO has been doing great coverage on this issue and can tell you that Bolton was hardly qualified for this post. It's not his dislike (read: contempt) for the United Nations that bothers me; after all Daniel Patrick Moynihan didn't have much love for the institution when he was UN Ambassador under President Ford, and with very good reason. What bothers me is Bolton's treatment of anyone who didn't agree with him. This guy's a political hack, not a diplomat. He does the bidding of his leaders, that's it. As Ohio Senator George Voinovich said, if someone acted the way Bolton did at a Fortune 500 company, he would be fired. His appointment will be thankfully short (it will expire in January, 2007), but just long enough to do some damage to America's standing in the world.

I also have to agree with Jeremy on the outright cowardly actions of Rhode Island Senator,

Lincoln Chafee. He finally decided that Bolton might not be a good choice after months of near silence. It was of no help to issue such a statement when the horses were already out the barn. His actions gave fire to the impression that moderate Republicans are wishy-washy and willing to follow the wishes of the far right. It was a loss of courage that the Senator should be ashamed of.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Brian said...

I think Bolton should've gotten an up or down vote. He's an ambassador, the personal representative of the president, with no executive authority (as opposed to, say, a cabinet secretary or agency head). He'd have only served for 3 1/2 years (not a life appointment like a judge). I agree he'd be a bad choice for the UN, but when you've got a foreign policy as bad as Bush's, his envoy to the UN is not the problem; he could hardly make things worse. Bolton was not the person for the left to go nuclear on.


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