Friday, October 07, 2005

Spring Cleaning?

Centrist blogger Bull Moose has an interesting take on all the problems besetting the GOP: conservatives should welcome a GOP crack-up before the '08 election. Conservatism has been corrupted by a plutocratic, crony unprincipled crowd. There is a need for a cleansing. If the right can cast-off the Bushie-Delay establishment, there is a chance that it can re-emerge with reform conservative leaders in time for the '08 Presidential election.

Intelligent conservatives will realize that this is not a strange scenario, but rather a tremendous opportunity to save their souls and even retain power. Hope for the worst, and build for a better tomorrow!

The Moose might have a point here. It might be a good thing to get rid of some of the more corrupt and just plain nutty portions of the GOP and be left with a more reform-minded party. Of course, this means that moderates and as the Moose calls "smart conservatives" need to have a governing strategy of their own.

I would hope that good Republicans like Chris Shays and John McCain are getting together and formulating a new Republican strategy for America. The Old religous right/plutocracy coalition is crumbling.


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