Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stop Drilling in ANWR!

From Republicans for Environmental Protection:

Protect Arctic Refuge: Time to Act Is Now
Climactic Vote on Oil Drilling at Hand

There have been past votes to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, but never before has the threat been so high or the vote so final. On Nov. 3, drilling proponents won passage of a Senate budget bill that would open the refuge to oil drilling.

During the week of Nov. 7, the House will consider budget legislation that is even worse. The bill opens the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling, opens the door to expanded oil drilling off our coasts, and allows sale of national forest and other public lands to mining companies at garage sale prices.

The only way to stop these travesties is to persuade our representatives to vote against the budget bill. Please tell your representative to vote against the House budget bill.

Republicans for Environmental Protection has an easy way for you to contact your Representative, by penning a letter and sending it online. To do that, simply go here and click on the link that says "Protect Artic Refuge."


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