Monday, February 24, 2003

Where is the center-right press? Last year, I wrote a piece talking about the lack of moderate conservative voices in the media. We have tons of press from the right wing, from liberal sources and from the far left. But there is zippo from the moderates. Why is that? It's important that we get our voices back in we want to save conservatism from itself.

Speaking of which, where is the Ripon Society? Does it even exist anymore? Their website seems to be updated once every year, you order their magazine and get nada. At a time where there needs to be a center-right think tank, Ripon seems to be MIA. This seems to require more investigation.

Republicans for Enviromental Protection has just released their Report Card for the Bush Administration at the halfway point. It's not a pretty picture. Bush gets many "D's" in his handling of the environment. Bush and many in the Congressional leadership seem to think that the only people who care about clean air and water are lefties. No, many staunch Republicans are environmentalists in the grand tradition of Teddy Roosevelt. To learn more, please read "The Bush Administration at Midterm: A Cloud over America's Natural Heritage."


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