Monday, March 03, 2003

Conservative Quote of the Day, Part One: "What is conservatism? There is good conservatism and bad conservatism. Or, if you like, there is true conservatism and false conservatism. The difference depends on what you set out to conserve. And this difference is the difference between ends and means.

True conservatism aims to preserve and foster the great ultimate ideals and values of our country and civilization, utilizing in any era the mechanism that will best serve that purpose, and changing and adapting these mechanism to the times wherever necessary to accomplish the main object.

False conservatism guards and cherishes the mechanisms of the past and abhors new mechanisms, while ignoring in the meantime what happens to our traditional ideals and values. It worships the shell of the past and lets the living substance die."

-Arthur Larson from his book, "A Republican Looks at His Party."


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