Wednesday, March 12, 2003

From the "Let me get this Straight" Department:This storyfrom today's Washinton Post, is quite amazing. Bush is planning tax cuts, the deficit is looming, and yet we are planning to pay the salaries of Iraqi bureacrats? So much for the right wing and their "foriegn aid is throwing money down a ratehole" line.

What is troubling is that they assume that these workers will just happily work for their new masters. How do they know this? What's equally disturbing is that the US Agency for International Development is awarding lucrative contracts to companies to rebuild post-Saddam Iraq. In this article it explains that one of the companies that will stand to make some money is Halliburton, the company headed by Vice President Dick Cheney in the late 90s.

Good grief, maybe the Left was right.


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