Thursday, April 24, 2003

Blind Spots: I've been thinking more about the recent crackdowns in Cuba lately and the Left's silence on the matter. The Left loes to assume that everyone on the Right is a fascist. I would agree that the temptation of the Right is fascism and those of us on the right must fight against it. This leads me to ask this question: if someone gave you what you crave, would you give up your rights? The Right craves order and stability and so they are tempted to give up their rights for tradition (remember Santorum). The left wants equality and social justice for the poor and if means having a dictator, so be it. This explains why the Left is always silent about Castro and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. They claim to help the opressed and so they are championed. Such problems like human rights abuses, which the Left seems to squawk about with every Right-wing dictator is not talked about.

This is not to make the Right innocent. The Right has turned a blind eye to regimes in Chile and South Africa because it was better to have a repressive dictator than "communists" running amok. However, it is time that the Left start to see that their love for communism was misplaced. It might have guaranteed eequality but at a Faustian bargain that just is not worth it.


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