Friday, May 30, 2003

Tell it, John: I was happened to stumble on this after reading Andrew Sullivan's website. It is sad that we Republicans are running up deficits and yet can still say we are fiscally responsible. Excuse my French, but bullshit. The GOP believes that all taxation is just plain evil and wrong. As John notes, taxes are an obligation, the price we pay to have a decent, functioning and orderly society. High taxes are never good for an economy, but neither are low taxes. A similar debate is taking place here in Minnesota where the GOP has become allergic to taxes and allowed huge cuts in social services. Of course those who are doing well are not effected, but the poor and working stiffs like me, do get hit.

Taxes suck. They just do. But if we want good parks, safe streets, and excellent schools, then you have to pay for them. What is sad is that the GOP has jettisoned the rhetoric of responsibility and opted for a user-fee society. If you need safety, go buy a gun. Need health care. You better hope they take Visa. There is no sense that we must take care of each other as the Bible states (why is it that the Religious Right can talk about morals, but are immoral when it comes to caring for the less well off?), just a sense that we are on our own. It was Maggie Thatcher that once stated that there is no society. The Republican Party has sadly adopted that same agenda.


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