Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Texas Democrats come home: I never said anything last week about the flight of some 60 Texas Democratic lawmakers to Oklahoma to stop the GOP leadership from enacting a redistricting plan that would substantially reduce the power of the Democrats in the state House. Many journalists were on the side of the Democrats and casted the Texas GOP as evil. Well, I don't think there are heroes and villians in this story. Yes, the Republicans were unfair in doing things like spliting the Latino community in one Texas city into six districts, but Democrats in other states have done some sneaky things too. Remember, how Louisiana created a district to touch major areas in order to get a majority black district? Or the other majority black district created that at times was as wide as I-85? How fair were these?

To me this makes the case for having redistricting done by a nonpartisan body instead of under the ageis of political hacks. No one is innocent in this and to make the Dems innocent after a century of drawing boundaries to suit them is to be blind to the truth.


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