Thursday, November 20, 2003

Does the Left Get it?-or-A Note from a Conservative Ally:The problem with coalitions is that you don't always agree with your allies. I have that problem with my leftist allies. While I agree that the war in Iraq was a terrible mistake based on a false premise, and while I think that President Bush is taking us down the wrong path as a nation and as a world, I disagree with their lack of interest in dealing with terrorism. After 9/11, I had hoped the Left would give up its "Against America" line and come together to stop this menace we call terrorism. Instead many on the Left talked about the evil of going after binLaden and about the those who died because of our involvement there. Now, I think Bush did a lot to make the Left loose any interest it had in dealing with terrorism with his arrogance and outright lies concerning Iraq. However, there is something amiss when people are more concerned with Bush than with terrorists who might strike again. The events of 9/11 happened and we have to find ways to deal with them. Terrorism is a very real threat. Experts warned us that this could be a problem and it has come to pass. Bush has handled this crisis miserably, trying to destroy a century of international cooperation, with his "go it alone" stragtegy and his slow erosion of our civil liberties. However, even if Bush is behaving badly, the threat still remains. There are people out there who mean to us harm. All of us, have to find ways to curtail that threat; hopefully through law enforcement, but sometimes through the use of force. The Left has to find a way to criticize Bush without dismissing this threat. Until it can do that, it will not be seen as very credible with the American public.


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