Friday, December 26, 2003

It's here: Well, it finally hit our shores. Mad cow, that is. I don't know about you, but I haven't ate a hambuger or any beef product in days. I know the government says the meat supply is safe, but do we know where the slaughtered cow went? Are there other infected cows out there? Hopefully in a few days I can eat moo-moo again, but for now, I'm just totally freaked out.

A blogger from Canada is wondering why we American bloggers aren't talking about this. Canada's beef industry took a big hit when a cow in Alberta tested positive for mad cow and the same thing may happen here. I for one think it is a big thing. Yes, it is only one cow, so far, as opposed to thousands that were discovered in Britain in the mid-90s. But there are fears over what if any effect this could have on our food supply. It also begs some questions, like how can we better secure the food supply? What rules should we enforce? Why do we slaughter "downer" cows? I think we American bloggers need to talk about this and make sure our elected officials are talking about this as well.


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