Monday, December 01, 2003

Naming Names: By now, you may have heard about how Michigan Congressman Nick Smith got the squeeze to vote for the Medicare bill in an effort that was worthy of The Sporanos. If he voted in favor, his son, who is planning to run for his seat, would receive a nice $100,000 thank you gift from business interests. If he voted no, Brad Smith would not get to Congress. Smith stuck to his guns and is now might now face consequences for having a conscience.

Since he is a dead man among the GOP heavyweights, why doesn't he name names as Tim Noah suggests? If what was done was as Noah charges, against the law then Rep. Smith needs to sing to the Justice Department. Arm twisting is common in politics, but this is out and out bribery and it needs to be stopped. Congressman Smith was brave to vote his conscience, he needs to be brave again and finger the person who tried to bribe him.


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