Sunday, November 30, 2003

Standing Up to Bush: I have long thought that someone brave Republican needs to stand up to Bush and run against him in the primaries. I guess there are others who are thinking of this too. I was looking at this blog which gave a list if "reasonable Republicans" who could just give Bush a run for his money. I know that many will immediately think that none of these people could win, but winning would not be the key. I think this is about the soul of the Republican Party and not simply about winning a race. The GOP is seriously off track from its true conservative principles of fiscal responsibility, civil liberties and equal rights. It more resembles some kind of nationalist party than it does the party of Lincoln. Ronald Reagan lost in the '76 campaign, but was able to use his loss as a base to build his conservative movement and win four years later. No one who ran now would win, but they might set the wheels in motion for a strong moderate movement in the GOP. My vote would be for Olympia Snowe or Chuck Hagel. I wish somebody would consider a draft somebody movement. There is a lot of discontent among Republicans out there that something could result.


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