Thursday, January 15, 2004

I'm a Hitler, Your a Hitler, He's a Hitler, She's a Hitler. Wouldn't you like to be a Hitler too?If I were made ruler of the world, one the first things I'd do is enact a law that said if anyone says so and so is like Hitler, they would be subject to automatic life imprisionment. (I know, there's no due process, but I'm the ruler so, my rules.) The Left has been the most visibily guilty as of late, seeing W. and his ilk as some second coming of Hitler and the Nazi regime. Listen, I don't like Bush. I would like to see him not get a second term. However there is no way in hell that you can compare W. to someone who led his nation to commit mass genocide against a people. Such comparisions are a great dishonor to those who died under Hitler.

Of course the Right is not innocent either. Remember when the head of the NRA compared the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to the Gestapo?

I don't know why people resort to this. Maybe because it places their side as righteous victims. But it belittles the horror that happened to the Jews. The evil of the gas chambers loses its meaning.

Reason's Cathy Young echoes my concerns rather well. It would be nice if everyone made a New Year's resolution to not use facist comparisions. Fat chance that's going to happen.


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