Thursday, April 21, 2005

And Now, Connecticut

Connecticut became the second state in the Union to allow for civil unions for gay couples. Marriage is still reserved for heterosexuals, but let's face it, gay couples in Connecticut will have the same rights as their straight counterparts.

There are two things that are interesting about this. Unlike Vermont, the other state that has civil unions, this was all done by the legislature. The far right can't talk about this being done by unelected "Activist" judges. Second, this bill was signed into law by a Republican governor, Governor Jodi Rell.

While I can understand why the courts are needed, it is far better to get partnership rights by the legislature since it is a representative body, while the judiciary by design (unless the theocrats get their hands by it) is not. It might look like the far right is winning on gay marriage with the passage of marriage bans, but I think ultimately the war will be won by those who favor some kind of partnership rights for same sex couples, call it marriage or civil unions. The more we see states make room for gay couples like Massachusetts, Vermont and now Connecticit have, the more people will know we are not the threat the far right say we are.

This also shows that the gay rights lobby needs to pay attention to Republicans. If a Republican governor can sign a law like this in Connecticut, why not in other states? Not all Republicans are bigots. Work with them.

All in all, a good sign.


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