Friday, April 15, 2005

God's Own Party Watch

You've probably heard about how Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's threat to use the "nuclear option" banning filibusters of the President's judicial picks. The Moderate Voice blogged this morning that Frist is pretty close to pushing the button despite warnings from wise and seasoned Republican politicians like former Senator Bob Dole. Dole warns that the GOP won't be in power forever and that what they do now could come back and hurt them. Dole should know since he was majority leader in the mid 80s, saw the GOP lose control of the Senate and then became majority leader again in 1994.

But the current Republican leadership is not thinking about the future or even looking to the past. They are set in the now. In further evidence that the Republican Party is becoming more and more a Christian version of Hezbollah or the Taliban, Senator Frist will appear at Kentucky magachurch on Sunday to do a telecast with leaders of the religious right where Democrats who block judicial nominees will be portrayed as against people of faith.

The Religious Right sees themselves as on a mission from God. No problem there. Many people of faith feel called by God. The problem is that they seem to see democracy as getting in the way of what they want. In fact, they seem to show a contempt for democratic governance. Because it's "God's Will," they should get their way and anyone who disagrees is an enemy of God.

The Religious Right are not democrats. They don't believe in our way of governing. They are theocrats who only see one way and it's theirs. What's sad is that the GOP has bought into the lie that the "Christo-fascists" won the election for them and are bending over backwards to fullfill their wishes. This can only end in disaster.

It's time that moderates got mad enough to put a stop to this madeness. This is not Christianity. I have no idea what it is, but it has nothing to do with Jesus the Son of God who preached love and forgiveness and not hatred.


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