Friday, April 01, 2005

A New Progressive Era?

When you hear the word, "progressive" these days, it tends to mean someone on the political left, mostly the far left. However, there was time that progressive meant someone who might belong to either party, but believed in good government, citizenship, and a democratic government that placed a check on the power of special interests. Teddy Roosevelt, a hero to many Moderate Republicans, was progressive.

Centrist blogger Peter Levine thinks 2008 could be the start of a new Progressive Era if the GOP puts up someone like John McCain and the Dems put up another reformer. He suggests a list of ideas such as campaign finance reform, tax simplicfication, citizenship education and one issue that is near and dear to my heart, non-partisan redistricting.

America could use another Progressive Era that could sweep away the dreck found in both parties. Too much of what passes for American politics today is driven by interests groups and leave most Americans out of the process. And the crooked antics of people like Tom Delay make Boss Tweed look like a Sunday School teacher.

However, a Progressive movement won't take place until citizens get together and demand change. McCain can't do it alone.


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