Thursday, March 24, 2005

Vox Populi on Schiavo

If Congressman Chris Shays is right, the GOP will have some hell to pay come 2006. A CBS News Poll shows overwhelming opposition to last weekend's congressional action. Eighty-two percent of respondents thought Congress and the President should not be involved. Let me repeat that again: 82 percent are telling Washington to get its nose out of this issue.

It gets better:

Most Americans side with Terri Schaivo's husband in saying that the feeding tube should not be re-inserted now.


Re-insert tube
Do not re-insert

Both Catholics and Protestants think the tube should not be re-inserted now. Liberals and moderates both believe the tube should not be re-inserted; conservatives are more closely divided. Most Democrats and Republicans agree the tube should remain out at this point. A strong majority of Americans in every age group says the tube should not be re-inserted now.

President Bush signed the legislation concerning Terri Schiavo on Sunday night, but a majority of those who voted for him last November do not think the feeding tube should be re-inserted. John Kerry's voters agree.

Interesting, huh? Most of his own party (including yours truly) are against the President and the GOP leadership in Congress. Can we say out of touch? Or how about kissing the butt of the "Christo-fascists" and damn the Constitution?

Someone I know thinks this issue will be forgotten come November 2006. I don't think so. Unlike, say Iraq or the deficit, which are abstract issues, this is a real-life personal issue. This hits a nerve with people because most of us know we might be in Terri's position or in her husband's. I have two aging parents and know that might be me having to withdraw some kind of life support and I don't want Washington telling me what to do, thank you very much.

This act, has shown the Religious Right for who they are: power-hungry people who don't give a damn about the rule of law. I'm banking the American people will remember Terri come 2006.


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