Sunday, March 20, 2005

From the "It's So Funny I forgot to Laugh" Department:As my state of Minnesota debates putting an anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot, an organization called Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage is placing billboards around the state that look like this:

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It's pretty obvious that the "devils" are those who support same sex marriage or at least don't think this amendment is a good idea.

I could say alot about this, and I will, but I will let a friend of mine say it for me. He's a Green Party person and pretty liberal, so I don't agree with all of what he is saying below. However, the gist is right on target:

The newest billboard by the Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage has an angel and a devil on the shoulder of a man with the text "Where's your State Senator geting advice on the Marriage Amendment?". Jesus is the foundation of Christianity and says nothing about homosexuality. It's interesting that the MCDM doen't hold its endorced cadidates to the same test on other issues. Where's your President geting advice on the current Wars? Obviously not from the words of Jesus who tells us to "Put your sword back in its place" and "turn the other cheek" during his Sermon on the Mount. Where's your Congress geting advice on the the budget? Obviously not listening to Jesus who says "If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor'' (Mt 19.21)" Both the state and federal "party in power" preaches giving tax cuts to the rich and cutting benefits to the poor.

I want to know if this group understands the implications of such a billboard. It basically makes those of us who oppose these hateful amdendments, look like we are evil-agents of the devil himself. Maybe I'm making too much of this, but what is someone sees this ad and decides that they need to beat the crap out of some gay person? It very well could happen.

It's very distrubing to see people who call themselves followers of Christ act so....well, un-Christlike.


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