Tuesday, February 24, 2004

You've just made an enemy:It is really hard to type right now because I'm livid. President Bush announced today his support for a constitutional ban gay marriage. Before today, I was dissapointed in the President. I used to think that he was someone who did not live up to my expectations. Today, I can honestly say, I dislike the President and want to see him gone.

What the President did today is not conservative. True conservatism is about honoring tradition not traditionalism. Gay men and lesbians like myself want to be part of the tradition of pledging our love to another person. True conservatism also acknowledges the power of the state and believes it has no role in the personal lives of citizens. This amendment goes right into our bedrooms and asks who we sleep with. If we tell the State we are in love with someone of the same sex, we will be denied all the benefits of marriage. True conservatism believes in freedom, and is against the State trying to prohibit someone's freedom. This amdendment does something no other amendment does: it will deny the rights of a certain part of the population to do something everyone else can.

No, this is not a conservative guesture. This is a radical measure that tells gays and lesbians that we are second class citizens if that. That goes against all that people in this country have worked for. America has a checked history, but there has always been a spirit of expanding rights to people. We try to live up to the idea of everyone being equal. This amendment makes light of that spirit.

This President has made an enemy of me. I will now work doubly hard to remove this man from office. He has committed a grave sin in my eyes: supporting the restriction of rights to some Americans.

I am ashamed today to be a Republican. But if you think I'm leaving this party, you got another thing coming. I do not want to far right in control of this party. If I leave, then they remain in power and around to do stupid and hateful acts like this. No, I will stay and fight until they don't have a place in the party. The GOP was started by people who believed that my ancestors should not be slaves. I will be damned if I let the far right sully this heritage by picking on gays and lesbians like myself.

So, if you are a Republican, I urge to join this fight. Don't leave the party but stay and fight this. Fight against the amendment and let people know what this amendment is really about: discrimation.

The President and his supporters just woke up a sleeping giant. God help them.


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