Saturday, February 07, 2004

Another Sign of the Bush Apocalypse: I'm not a big fan of websites like Common Dreams, which a left-porgressive news website. However, they did post an intriguing article about dissent among GOP ranks concerning Bush. It turns out that in the recent New Hampshire Republican Primary about 8,000 people voted against Bush out of a nearly 63,000 total votes cast. This means about 15 percent of the voters voted for someone else than the Commander-in-Chief.

Who did they vote for? They didn't vote for any of the no-name challengers, but for...are you ready for this? Democrats. John Kerry and Howard Dean were second and third after Bush.

Are these all really Democrats as some have suggested? I doubt it. As you know, I supported Howard Dean. I'm a Republican. I know that there are Republicans who support Kerry and Wesley Clark and maybe even John Edwards. This has to be the greatest story that is not being covered: the amount of animosity that Bush has stirred up, not among liberals and progressives, but among conservatives of all stripes. Bush has turned out to be a leader with no convictions other than to get re-elected in he eyes of this moderate conservative. I think if the media would go beyond the all-Republicans-support-Bush mentality, they would see that many loyal Republicans are sad and angry at what Bush and Co. have done to our dear party. I do hope they are reading this.


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