Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Conservative Apostacy of the Day:Okay, I will admit this: I voted for Nader in 2000. It was a protest vote. I leaned toward Bush but was wary of him and I was sure as hell not voting for Gore. I thought Bush would take us away from the nannyism that seems to be so prevalent among Dems. Boy was I wrong.

Andrew Sullivan writes in Time about how conservatives have grown to love Big Government, espcially as it probes deep into the lives of citizens. Bush and his fundy buddies want to tell your kids to never have sex until marriage (and forget that condom kids, you won't be using it), tell gays to forget marriage, protect us from ads touting medical marijuana even though states approved such ads from appearing.

With all the "drunken sailor" spending and the new found love for the nanny state, what does the GOP under Bush really stand for?

I'll tell you. It stands for W. That will not keep it going folks.


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