Thursday, January 22, 2004

100 days.That's the punishment that former congressman Bill Janklow got for speeding pass a stop and into a Minnesota cyclist, killing him. As a friend said, this is not about Janklow being a good or bad man. For all I know he could get a great person. What matters is that he has a history of reckless driving and that poor driving killed a man.

It's pretty sad state of affairs when a person who has a position of power gets a light sentence for killing a person. Any normal mortal would have recieved a tougher sentence.

The only upshot is that Janklow will have to deal with people thinking he got away with murder. He will forever deal with the public's contempt for what he did and how he got away with it. That's way worse than a few years in prison which is what he should have recieved.


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