Thursday, January 15, 2004

"Green" vs. "Brown" Republicans:Salon has great article via Grist Magazine about the growing gulf between moderate Republicans and the right-wing. The article focuses on the environment, but it could be other issues as well. Former New Jersey Governor and former EPA Administrator, Christie Todd Whitman wrote a worthwhile commentary about how moderates are feeling adrift in the GOP and how a strong right-wing policy could spell doom for Bush in November.

I have to think that a lot of the moderates in Congress are feeling more and more alienated from their own party. I don't think many of them will go the way of Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords and leave the party and nor should they. Moderates need to stand fight for the values that the far right are trampling over. But I wonder what will they do. I know that rank and file moderates are getting more and more frustrated. They thought they were getting a moderate in Bush. They know feel that they have been snookered and I think many might be voting Democrat in November to express how betrayed they feel. Unless the neo-cons can find a way to become more welcoming to moderates, they can expect a boycott of voting GOP later this year.


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