Friday, January 30, 2004

Bush Apostacy Watch: When you think of all the anger against Bush's treatment of the environment, you tend to think of tree-hugging leftists, right? Not exactly. It seems that sportsmen are all so upset at the Administration's causal disregard for the earth as well. This USA Today opinion piece shows that Bush can't take the hunting community for granted on his stance concerning the second amendment. If there is a "money quote" in this op-ed, it has to come from Chris Wood, the vice president for Trout Unlimted. Wood says:

"This is a constituency that is slow to anger, but the administration is starting to see a backlash," Wood says. "The 'Sportsmen for Bush' bumper stickers ... might be pretty scarce in 2004."

Hmmm. It seems like this is yet another piece of the rebellion that is taking place on political right against Bush. I wonder when the media will pay attention.

If you want to read more on the "Sportsmen's Rebellion", please read Thursday's Salt Lake Tribune.


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