Thursday, February 12, 2004

Bush Apocalyspe Watch: Well, as Malcolm X once said, the chickens have come home to roost. Now that former UN and US inspector David Kay has said there ain't no weapons of mass destruction, the people have begun to question the President's integrity. Friday's Washington Post states that a majority of Americans polled (54%) now believe that the President either lied or exaggerated prewar intelligence. Barely half (48%) now think the war against Iraq was worth fighting for which of course means that a majority now think it was a mistake.

It's still pretty early in the election cycle, but you have to wonder what these poll numbers are saying. Last year, people thought Bush was invincible after defeating Saddam. Even more so, when Saddam was captured last December, there was talk of the Dems giving up. But with the body count rising and now the raison d'etre for this war now shown to be ficticious, people are starting to think that the President is not so trustworthy after all.

I think that many Americans who were hopeful for a President that would restore some honor to the office (myself included) are feeling betrayed. At first it seemed like just a few disgruntled Republicans, but now it seems like it is becoming a flood. Bush was given two chances to honor the trust Americans put in him. The first was when he was elected. The election mess of 2000, should have reminded him that he had to earn the nation's trust, especially those who were angry at him. He failed that test by starting right away to veer to the far right. He lost it again after September 11th, when a nation was looking for a leader. Early on, he showed some signs of promise at our nation's darkest hour. But then he went on this adventuresome and needless war in Iraq, and again veered to the far right, ignoring the rest of America.

Now the chickens have come home. People are wondering if they can trust their leader. I think he has broken that trust and for that he should start looking for another job.


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