Sunday, February 15, 2004

Young and Stupid:If you remember your history lessons, you might remember that it was the GOP who came out strongly against slavery. Because of that, they had a hold on the black vote for nearly a century.

Well, these days the party of Lincoln is fast becoming the party of Jesse Helms. The Associated Press reports that the College Republicans at Roger Williams College in Rhode Island are offering "whites-only" scholarships in an attempt to protest affirmative action through scholarships based on race or ethnicity. The president of the chapter, who is Puerto Rican, states that giving out scholarships based on a person's color is absurd.

As an African-American/Puerto Rican, I have recieved scholarships that were given out because my color. And I'm glad I got one, because I would have had a higher debt load in seminary had I not.

I have problems with how the Left tends to deal with race, but at least they have some compassion. In a perfect world, there would be no need for scholarships based on race. However, because the amount of persons of color, with the exception of Asians still low, institutions of higher ed are trying to do something to encourage them to get a degree. For these kids to protest something like a scholarship, which the school set up, not the federal government really shows that this is not about equality or problems with affirmative action which is a legitamate argument. These kids are expressing racism. They know that talking about "whites-only" scholarships harkens back to the old separate but equal malarkey that my father had to deal with in the Old South. They don't know about the past and decide to spout their racial hatred.

This is yet another example of how far the party has slipped. It's pretty depressing.


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