Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Those "activist judges:" Whenever one of these anti-family "marriage amendment bans comes to fore, some theocon somewhere talks about how "activist judges" are trying to force gay marriage upon a God-fearing populace. When they say "activist" it's usually a code word for "liberal," or "Democrat." Well, according to my good friend, Jim, most of those activist judges who have made these decisions in favor of gay rights and gay marriage/civil unions happen to be....Republicans.

The Advocate reports that the judge in the California case, Richard Kramer, is a Catholic Republican, appointed in 1996 by then-Republican governor, Pete Wilson. People who are familar with Judge Kramer says he is not swayed by public opinion meaning he calls them as he sees them and not by what society is telling them.

But I will let my friend Jim speak:

"We hear a lot about liberal activist judges who want
to destroy our society's values. However, reality is
more complex. The latest judge to find in favor of
same sex marriage is once again a Republican appointed
by a Republican governor. Recall that several of the
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court justices who
voted in favor of legalizing same sex marriage were
Republicans appointed by Republican governors Bill
Weld and Paul Celucchi. The 2003 Supreme Court
decision that struck down sodomy laws was written by
Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Republican appointed by
Ronald Reagan.

The judge in California is a Republican appointed by
former Republican Governor Pete Wilson. The judge also
happens to be Catholic.

All these "liberal activist judges" are actually

Just something to think about when one of the right wingers whine about those bad judges.


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