Sunday, May 29, 2005

Comment of the Day

first. where are the facts.
where is the verifiable info that says 100 have died.
second. these people dont need Gitmo to create reasons to hate America. Please, If there was NO abuse, they would claim there was.

please stop the Gitmo BS!!!
These people cry about five complaints at Gitmo, while ignoring thousands of complaints in American prisons. What complete hypocritical morons!!

There will always be people who abuse others. The issue is, if they are punished, and if the behavior is allowed. Worse behavior is allowed in American prisons, than at Gitmo.
I have not heard about rape, or people getting shanked. American values mean something to you, start with AMERICANS!!!

Please, have some perspective. Every compliant is not legitimate.
Somebody says their Koran was flushed down a toilet, is not a crime against society. Get a grip.

What's interesting is that this person links to a homepage that in reality is a site that sells domains.


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