Friday, May 06, 2005

ABC accepts Focus Ad; Rejects UCC ad

If you want to see a profile in cowardice, look no further than ABC which is accepting an ad from Focus on the Family, a well-known group on the Religious Right, while rejecting an ad from the United Church of Christ, a liberal Protestant denomination that had an ad that showed different types of people were welcomed in their churches, including gays. ABC claimed the ad was "too controversial."

Now, I'm not saying that Focus on the Family should not have their ad shown. That is their right. However, it is showing a sheer lack of will to deem to women smiling as "controversial" and yet air an ad from a group whose leader, James Dobson has said hateful things regarding gays and lesbians.

Of course, if ABC pulled the Focus ad, the would expect a huge backlash from the far right. They knew they wouldn't expect that much by pulling the UCC ad. I think it's high time that we not only condemn a network like ABC for this act of hypocracy, but that we find ways of punishing them as well. A network that can make a hit out of horny suburban housewives really has very little to say when it bans an ad of two smiling lesbians.

You can see the ad here.


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