Monday, May 02, 2005

Goings on in the Mod Blogosphere

I've been busy over the last few days, so I haven't been able to post. But here's what I've found pretty worthwhile to pass on:

Moderate Insurgency in the Old Dominion: Charging RINO reports on the candidacy of Russ Potts, a moderate Republican state senator who is running for Governor in Virginia as an independent. Potts has a hard road ahead of him. However, my girl, Christie Todd Whitman has come to Potts' resecue with some powerful words:

"There is a group that exerts a great deal of power right now in the party. I call them social fundamentalists to distinguish them from true conservatives. A true conservative in the Republican Party would be constantly looking for ways to ensure that government wasn't ever overreaching and coming into your life. There's a group now that can't find enough ways to get the federal government into your life."

Charging RINO has more about this brave man.

Social Security and the Democrats: In a brillant move, President Bush has offered a workable solution to deal with Social Security: trim benefits for middle and upper income workers and keeping benefits the same for low income workers. He actually made a hard decision: cut benefits for some, to help the less fortunate. Of course, the Dems are balking at this proposal, but they are now backed in a corner. They support helping the poor and not the well-off, so shouldn't they like this idea?

The Yellow Line has an interesting take on this on Friday and today. Also check out yesterday's Washington Post editorial on the issue.

From the "Gee, You Think?" Department: The Washington Post has an interesting article about how the so-called mandate Bush and the Republicans thought they had after last November isn't turning out like planned.

The Far Right's "New Math:" Via Andrew Sullivan, we find out that the homophobes have been playing fast and loose with the numbers involving gay foster parents. The Numbers Guy at the Wall Street Journal debunks the so-called study.


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