Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Republicans against Delay

From Charging RINO:

It looks like some elder statesmen in the GOP are plotting to knock out Delay in next yeears GOP Primaries. According to story in Monday's Houston Chronicle, Pete McCloskey, a former moderate Republican rep from Nothren California along with 8 other former GOP congressmen are looking for someone to run against Delay, whom McCloskey called an "embarassment to the Republican Party."

McCloskey met with Michael Fjetland, who was run against Delay three times since 2000.

Message to Dems who think they can topple Delay: the newspaper reports that since the district is 60 percent Republican and Fjetland says that only a Republican has a chance at beating Delay. I tend to agree. Unless that Democrat is a "blue dog" there is no way someone from the party of the Donkey can beat Delay. The best way to beat a bad Elephant is to send in a righteous one, I say.

As they say in the blogosphere, developing....


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