Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Anti-War Movement's Folly

Alan over at the Yellow Line has a wonderful post about the folly of an immediate withdraw from Iraq. The anti-war movement, which includes organizations like The National Council of Churches thinks that simply pulling out will solve the problem of Iraq. In more than one conversation with those opposed to Iraq War some have likened the insurgents as nothing more than people who are defending their country. I tend feel that the peace movement just doesn't get it.

As Alan notes, a pullout will not mean the end of our problems. He says:

...withdrawal equals defeat. And defeat doesn’t mean we all go back to living in peace. This is not Vietnam where the enemy will cheer our departure and then set up a government that never really troubles us again. No, if the enemy wins in Iraq, you can be sure they will turn the country into a terrorist breeding ground focused at launching attacks at the Western world.

Bush made a blunder by making Iraq a new front for Al Queda. But our leaving won't make it any better. I could see Iraq becoming another Afghanistan with a Taliban style government, and training camps that would prepare a new breed of suicide attackers who would wreak havoc in London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angles, you name it. The Peace movement is showing a deadly navite if it doesn't see that danger in leaving without having a stable government in place.


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