Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Moderate Republican Manifesto, Part Two

Okay, here is part deux of my manifesto on what it means to be a Centrist or Moderate Republican:

Centrist Republicans respect and honor religion. They also honor the long standing tradition of separation of church and state.

Republicans and conservatives in general, respect religion. The church is seen as one of those important institutions that help make a society stable. Republicans also believe that people should not have to leave their faith, whatever that may be, at the door when they enter the public square. We understand that faith is an important aspect, no, it shapes a person's life. It can't simply be hidden under a bushel, but freely expressed, as the Constitution guarantees.

But our Constitution also guaratees, that there is not be a merging of church and state. It's one thing when a religion advocates on a particular issue, it's another when it starts to run the show. The current GOP leadership seems a little too cozy with one particular variant of Christianity. In a country that is religiously diverse as we are, we can't afford to only pick one religion. We must be a place where one can worship freely and where one religion can't use government to enforce it's agenda.

Centrist Republicans believe in a strong military and are not afraid to use it when necessary. However, Centrist Republicans believe in working with Allies instead of going alone.

It was the late Republican Senator Arthur Vandenburg, from my home state of Michigan once famously declared, "Politics stop at the water's edge." Vandenburg believed that partisanship should have no role in devising American foriegn policy. Centrist Republicans still believe in that approach. In this time that we face a threat from an enemy determined to kill as many Americans as it can, Centrist Republicans want to work with Democrats to fashion a foreign policy for this new 21st Century enemy: Al Queda and it's minions.

Centrist Republicans also want to work with their long standing Allies in Europe. While both sides may not always agree, they will work on ways to deal with common threats that will not damage relations. In the War on Terror, we need the help of France, Germany and Spain. As last year's Madrid train bombings showed, Al Queda is a problem for the whole world-not just America. As large and as powerful as America is, it can't fight this fight alone. It needs help from it's friends.

Centrists Republicans will also be willing to hear all sides when it comes to fashioning a foreign policy, be it through diplomacy or military force. Again, partisianship should have no place in the security of this nation.

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