Friday, July 01, 2005

July 1, 2005: The "Apocolyse" Starts

Interesting words regarding Sandra Day from Bull Moose:

This is the true payoff time for the right wing of the Republican Party. For conservatives, nothing else matters. And this Administration cannot alienate their core supporters at a time the President's popularity is plummeting. The specter of Souter consumes the right.

A polarizing fight on the Court will likely accelerate the separation between Washington and the rest of the country. As activist groups fight one another, most Americans will feel divorced from the fracas. Their concerns about health care, jobs, gas prices will go ignored as the two armies bloody themselves on the cultural war battlefield.

After a bruising battle over a nomination, an opening will widen for a new politics that defies the partisan polarization. That is perhaps the only silver lining of this ominous cloud.

The far right is gonna push for a Scalia like clone. One can only hope that Bull Moose's belief in a new politics of reconcilation and pragmatism will come from the ashes of this horrible war that is soon to start.


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