Thursday, August 25, 2005

John McCain is a Conservative. And the Sun in a Big Hot Star in the Sky.

Michael Stickings over at the Reaction comments on Arizona Senator John McCain's second bid for the White House in 2008. In an article by the Arizona Republic, McCain agrees with the President that Intelligent Design should be taught along side evolution in public schools. Now, that's not something I agree with, but I still think that McCain on the whole would be better for the GOP than Bush. For Stickings, it's proof that McCain is...gasp, a conservative:

I've always liked McCain a great deal. But may I mention that in recent days he has come out in support of the teaching of so-called intelligent design alongside evolution? And that's but one example of the ideological conservatism behind his cross-partisan cult of personality. Sure, he's a maverick -- and even, on some issues, a moderate -- but his conservative credentials are undeniable.

Ideological conservatism? McCain has never said he was a moderate, but he is hardly in the same boat with say, Rick Santorum.

McCain is a conservative Republican. Unlike Michael, I don't think that should be a crime. What is more important to me is if his conservatism is doctrinare or a guilding light. Is he open to new ideas or close minded? If I look at McCain in that light, then I would say he is not ideological but pragmatic. Yes, I disagree with his stance on intelligent design and I hope a few people tell him that this is sham science. But unlike Stickings, I'm not looking for the one or two items that can discredit him, but I'm looking at his whole record which I think is far and away better than Bush's.

Being a conservative shouldn't be a crime. McCain has proven that he is a reformer, a conservative reformer, but a reformer nonetheless and that's what's important to me.

I guess Stickings statement says more about him than it does about the Senator from Arizona.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Michael J.W. Stickings said...

Well, fair enough. I accept your criticism. Although I wasn't really trying to discredit McCain, just point out that he's more conservative than the reputation he seems to have in the media (and even to many Democrats and centrist independents). And I think that's the way McCain wants it, to preserve his national image as a maverick even as his politics are, on the whole, well on the right.

But I do agree: He's not a doctrinaire ideologue like Santorum. And if you accept his pragmatic conservatism (which I'm sure you do, as a Rockefeller Republican), fine. He could very well be your man. (He could very well be mine, too.)

I do disagree with his position on intelligent design, but I'm not about to let that determine my overall take on him.

At 12:42 AM, Blogger Gunner said...

Well, as an Arizonan who has long watch McCain in action, I can tell you that he is no real conservative. His only political idealodgy is one of getting elected president. He is very close to being RINO, and as a Republican it gets harder and harder for me to vote for him for Senator.

He has a bad temper, he hold and acts upon grudges, and has not, on the whole, been a good force for Arizona. What the MSM calls maverick, I call back-stabber.

He is not a very good senator, and would be a horrible president. Not as horrible as anything the Dums put up, but sort of Jimmy Carter horrible.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger FightforJustice said...

Good point about McCain, Dennis.
When he runs for president, will he be the candidate of the Right or of the Middle? He's certainly to the right of Guiliani.


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