Monday, March 17, 2003

Quiet Revolt:It seems that somemoderate Republicans are questioning the size of the Bush Tax Cut package. They are fiscal conservatives that believe that tax cuts should be proportionate to other federal priorites such as education and the environment.

Of course, now there are some on the far right that are attacking these moderates for not going whole hog. Here's what Chuck Muth of Citizen Outreach says about these lawmakers:

>RINO Hunting
>The biggest threat to President George W. Bush's tax plan is not Tom
>or Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton. It comes from within the GOP!
>Six liberal Republicans in the Senate are putting the President's tax
>at risk. These RINOs (Republicans in name only) are Senators Lincoln
>of Rhode Island, George Voinovich of Ohio, Michael DeWine of Ohio,
>Collins of Maine, Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of
>Please go to and read what is at stake. Here's
>America needs President Bush's tax plan, under which a family of four
>two earners and $39,000 in income will receive more than $1,100 in tax
>relief. That's real money to help pay the bills and push the economy
>forward. Yet the balance of power in the Senate is so slim that each
>every Republican must support our President's plan for it to pass.
>Action is needed quickly! You can help by signing a petition telling
>stubborn six to stop frustrating their own party's efforts to help our
>nation's economy. Then spread the news that the tax plan's biggest
>comes from inside the party. Here's where to act:

>Chuck Muth
>Citizen Outreach
P.S. The GOP's balance of power in the Senate was too hard to achieve
last November's elections for it to be negated by these liberals in
conservative clothing. Don't let all that hard work slip away! Isn't
worth a moment of your time right now not only to sign the petition
but to
direct others to follow your lead? Tell these RINOs to stop this
divisiveness and support the President's tax plan or risk the
when they next face the voters.

So, when did the Republican party start acting like the Communist Party? Are we simply to await word on high from the White House and rubber stamp it? Don't these law makers have a duty to the people who they represent and not just the party?

Mr. Muth thinks that anyone who claims to be a Republican but does not think the way he does is not really a Republican. Really. Many of these lawmakers have long histories in the party. They believe in fiscal responsibility in order that the government is able to fund federal initiatives in education, the environment and the like. This is a far cry from people like Mr. Muth who want large tax cuts and want to pay as much as we can in this upcoming war. This is not fiscal responsibility. These are also the people who think the government shouldn't make sure we have safe drinking water, but are okay spending money to maintain a country half a world a way. Hypocrites.

Please write a note of thanks to the Representatives for their hard work and their integrity. They need to hear from other "RINOs."


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