Thursday, March 27, 2003

Sanitized For Your Protection: Why are we not seeing pictures of Iraqi dead and wounded on TV? American TV has chosen for the most part not to show the horrid pictures of dead solidiers as well as POWs. Other television networks around the world did show it. Why is CNN or ABC so squeamish? Yes, we should make sure that the family of the dead and captured are notified before airing such footage, but they should be aired. The supporters of war, should know that war is bloody and awful. They tried to sell us a painless war but such a thing does not exist. We need to be upset at seeing those our men and women injured as well as Iraqi civilians. I tend to think that Americans have started to think that war can be bloodless with our high-tech weapons. Sorry, even in the 21st Century war is hell. I'm ready to ask my cable company to get something like BBC America.

Whats Good for the Goose: There have been reports of American and British forces finding chemical protection suits. Aha! say those who are in favor of this misadventure. They will see this as proof that Iraq is planning on using chemical or biological weapons. Maybe. But what if this is disinformation? What if Iraq left them there to fool us? It's just a thought, but we are not dealing with idiots. They are evil but not stupid. If the US can play the whole psychological war, so can Iraq. Just a thought.


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