Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The Sky is Not Falling...Yet: The Left has been good at taking a serious situation and blowing it out of proportion to make a point. The problem is that real life fails to live up to the nightmare and the Right then gets smug that they were right all along and miss the point that was made. This Slate story shows that the concerns that we should have are not immediate, but the effects of this invation and occupation that will take place a year, five years or ten years from now. Remember that the roots for September 11th stem back at least to the eve of the First Gulf War in 1990. I don't think that we are on the eve of World War III. The war will probably be fairly swift. But the fallout will be what happens a year from now, when Americans are still in control of Iraq. Will nations like France want to co-operate with us or will they walk away? Will the occupation foster more hatred for America that will forment new recruits for Al-Queda? If things go well, will we then head towards North Korea and Iran?


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