Saturday, December 27, 2003

Wooing NASCAR:Howard Dean was on to something when he said he wanted to be the candidates for guys with Conferate Flags on their trucks. William Schnieder talks about the effort underway by both parties to reach NASCAR Dads. I think if the Dems want to win next year, they have to find some way to reach them. Schneider says the way to do that is to show that you respect their values one of which is patriotism.


This not the Dems strongsuit. This is not to say that Democrats are unpatriotic, but they tend to be defined by the a segment of the Left that thinks that America is the evil beast that will destroy us all. I think the Dems need to develop a patriotism that speaks of honor and scarifice as opposed to the Bushies whose patriotism seems to go no deeper than an photo-op and a "join me or die" mentality. Can Dean pull that off? Maybe. He will need to, if he wants to win Southern votes.


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