Thursday, August 04, 2005


I wanted to let you know of some changes that have taken place at the Moderate Republican. First, I've signed on to the new verison of the Yellow Line which has remade itself into a consortium of centrist bloggers including Charging RINO, Ambivablog, and Thoughts of an American Centrist. I will still be posting here, of course. I will be using the Yellow Line to post more indepth pieces on issues affecting centrists of all stripes.

Second, I wanted to let you know about two new links. The first is one that Jeremy at Charging RINO alluded to, a bipartisan organization called Partnership for a Secure America. This is a group made up some political powerhouses from both parties who are pushing for a more bipartisan approach to foriegn policy in this post 9/11 era. I will talk more about this organization in another post.

Second, I want to bring to your attention an initiative being put forward by religious groups called Dear Sudan. A coalition of Christian and Jewish groups are endorsing this grassroots endeavor which started in Petaluma, California last year. The goal is to get communities to raise money to assist those dealing with the genocide going on in Darfur. Many blogs have worked hard to keep this tragedy in the news, and so have many churches. Even if you don't have a religious background, this is a worthy movement to get involved in. The church that I co-pastor in St. Paul will be involved and I'm hoping to get others involved as well.


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