Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Say It Loud, Say it Proud

It makes my heart glad when I see straight Republicans say they are in favor of gay rights. Why? Because when we gay Republicans, say it, we are attacked by the far right as sinful and not real Republicans, while the left call us apologists for said far right faction.

So it is nice to hear from people like Mathew Pruitt over at West Sound in the Center. On October 5, he wrote this about two antigay senators:

I support gay rights, I am a Republican, and I am not the only one. Great Republicans like Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt would be apalled by the actions of some in the GOP who have gone so far as to propose constitutional amendments that would for the first time deny rights, instead of expand them. I am even willing to say that I am a better Republican than Sam Brownback and Tom Coburn, who out of one side of their mouths talk about making government small enough to drown it in the bathtub, while out of the other side promote legislation that is aimed at engineering society in their own image. Mark my words, these men will be remembered for being on the wrong side of history, just as the Southern Democrats are for opposing Civil Rights legislation in the 60's.

He also has some words for the other party:

The other party may be a tad better on this issue, but not much. As Boi from Troy points out all of the time, there is a difference between those that actually support gay rights and those that pay it lip service. After all, John Kerry and John Edwards stood with the religious right, supporting anti-gay marriage initiatives in Missouri and Ohio. Where I come from, we have a word for those who are on your side when it suits them, but are nowhere to be found when the flames get too hot.

I think it's wonderful to see a straight Republican taking a stand like this. There needs to be more. The reason the GOP started was on the cause of equality for African Americans. It is a shame that 150 years later, this party is making a name for itself by supporting discrimination for another group.

The more that straight Republicans begin speaking out and telling the homophobic right where they can stuff it, the less power the far right will have. Gay Republicans can't do this alone.


At 4:48 PM, Blogger Mitch/Mike said...

Republican to the death, servant of the most high God, white, and straight (and I don't think it's OK with God to be gay). And I ABSOLUTELY, 100% support gay rights. I am more interested in what Jesus would do than in what Bob Santorum or Bill Bennett would do.


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