Friday, June 06, 2003

Old Liberals vs. New Liberals: This is really a bad time for the Dems to be acting like their party's mascot. At a time you'd think they'd be united behind beating Bush, they are sniping among themselves. The Washington Post has an interesting story a meeting of constituents from the party's liberal wing. They are not only attacking Bush, but the more centrist Democratic Leadership Council. It's interesting when people talk about liberalism, because the liberalism of people like FDR or Truman seems very different from the liberalism of today. For one thing, when you thought of liberalism, it was based on the working class. It was more of the common man. They were main street America. Today, liberalism has come to represent people mostly from the upper middle class who are more educated and seem to look down on working class. Somehow the modern liberals want to link their heritage to the old liberals but the two are very different. If you want to read about the change in liberalism, read E.J. Dionne's Why Americans Hate Politics.


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