Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Fear Itself:Salon has a good article about why so many Americans are not that concerned that the Bushies my just have lied about the threat Iraq posed to the United States. If you ignore the whole unified field about the Bush Tax Cuts being related to WMDs, the story explains clearly why Americans are so willing to give into an apparent fabrication: after 9/11, Americans are scared. I've have always concluded that 9/11 was akin to a rape on the American psyche. Giving Iraq a pasting was away to soothe ourselves. The Dems who are running for the presidency would do wise to listen to this. They need to find ways to acknowledge that Americans are scared of another terrorist attack and find ways to address those fears and give Americans real hope. The problem is that the left is generally dismissive of 9/11. They look down on the war on terrorism and ignore the fear that Americans live with now. They believe that people are really concerned about the sour economy which is partly true. However, I think most Americans are wondering if they or a loved one will face a chemical, biological or nulcear attack and when you're fearing that, you could care less about your job situation, or Enron, or Haliburton or whatever scandal of the week Dems are trying to expose.

Andrew Sullivan is correct that security is the Issue in 2004. People want to be secure from the likes of bin Laden who will find a way to destroy America. If the Dems want to win, they need to wake up and smell the coffee.


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